Wednesday, 27 February 2013

What is Mobile Joomla ?

As the number of mobile devices continues to outpace the number of desktop computers, the creation of mobile-accessible sites is becoming more and more important.
Mobile Joomla is the best way to mobilize your Joomla site, displaying beautifully on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone 7, RIM BlackBerry, Nokia, and all other phones. Mobile Joomla Development is also the easiest way to speed up your responsive template performance up to 400% on mobile devices.
Mobile Joomla is trusted by more than 130,000 Joomla users and used to mobilize over 15,000,000 pages.
Mobile Joomla! Benefits:
  • Easy - Install and have a stunning mobile site out-of-the-box
  • Fast - Less waiting & more engagement for your visitors, better conversion for you
  • Boost - Up to 400% better performance for your responsive templates
  • Optimized - Best user experience, no matter what mobile device or browser your visitors use
Advanced settings & customization
Mobile Joomla is designed by expert Joomla Developers for professional use. Using advanced settings and customization options, prepare your mobile web site to display great on any mobile phone.
Widest mobile phone support

With Mobile Joomla you do not need to worry about 'reach'. Mobile Joomla makes sure your mobile site is available for the majority or the phones available today. Mobile Joomla ensures the best look and results with its state of the art device detection methods and smart content adaption algorithms to optimize the experience specifically for the visiting mobile device.
Feature Highlights:
  • Widest mobile device support, from feature phones to smartphones & tablets
  • True optimization for your mobile site, according to each device's capabilities
  • Multi template and layout support for different device segments
  • Up to 400% performance boost for responsive templates
  • 3rd party mobile template support
  • Custom mobile modules, menus, layouts
  • Advanced image optimization
  • Sub-domain redirection per device category
  • Compatibility with 3rd party extensions, modules and plugins
  • Advanced User Agent detection (multiple methods i.e. WURFL, Compact WURFL, fixed or none)
  • Multi-site support
  • Advanced image adaptation
  • Flexible layout settings
  • Sub-domain redirection
  • Advanced device categorization: XHTML, iPhone, iMode and WAP
  • Custom templates per device category
  • Menu exclusion per device category
  • Fully customizable with different modules and templates
  • Compatibility with 3rd party extensions, modules and components
Simple installation & setup
You do not need to be a Joomla guru to install and setup Mobile Joomla. Upload, follow instructions and you have a mobile web site!
Custom modules & themes
Keeping up to date with latest devices is made simple with Mobile Joomla WURFL integration. Just click update from the settings and everything is handled automatically.
So Mobile Joomla is very effective and easy to set up the website wizard. Website owners can give the major impact to their Joomla based website.
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Monday, 25 February 2013

IPhone: B2B and C Mobile Marketing sketch

It’s interesting to aware from mobile apps advantages for Business to Consumer (B2C) users. Business to Business (B2B) mobile users are also expect the same interactivity, functionality, and ease of access for business that they experience with their personal content.
While it’s true that the recent iPhone App Development craze has taken the consumer world by storm. But the enchantment for B2B mobile users are the same as it is for B2C users. Latest mCommerce iPhone Apps has ability to instantly find, access, and share highly relevant information in context. There is no doubt, both B2B and B2C companies are adapting mCommerce technology frequently. The iPhone has own cognizance and harness extreme in potential mobile marketing. So this is an important steps to understand the common differences between B2B and B2C mobile marketing.
Web Based B2C Business
The majority of business-to-consumer (B2C) marketers keep faith on mobile advertising rather than mobile using tactics. One of the main differences between B2C mobile marketing objectives is efficiency. The most popular mobile advertising methods are social media advertising and mobile display ads. While the most commonly-used marketing tactic is mobile messaging to support customer dialogue.
Business Professional

Business professionals typically have a tight schedule and want to be able to conduct transactions as hastily as possible in moment, and maintain efficiency instantaneously. B2B marketers have a great opportunity here to go mobile and keep up with a constantly on-the-go business professional who often use their mCommerce iPhone or Android Apps for business purposes while traveling and between meetings. B2C, on the other hand, has their major focus on entertainment — apps and games are not necessarily focused on proficiency, but rather visually appealing and entertaining content.
Customers Relationship-Building
Currently more than 75% mCommerce mobile users employ third-party mobile networking apps, such as iPhone application, Android apps, Windows mobile apps and iPad apps to interact with their customers. B2B mobile marketing initiatives target bigger audiences normally consisting of groups. This plays into relationship-building, into which B2B funnels a much more concentrated amount of effort.
A mobile app for a B2B business could be a good option to consider. It could be an effective marketing initiative providing that it is solution oriented and enhances productivity and accountability.

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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Analyze the Economic force of Microsoft’s Windows 7, Worldwide

This article quantifies the forecasted economic force that Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system will have worldwide from launch in October 2009 to the end of 2010. The impact is seen in IT employment, revenues to firms or agencies in the Microsoft ecosystem, and investment in products and services working with or supporting the innovative operating system.
The employment, revenue, and investment in local IT ecosystems from Windows 7 will help the IT industry to assist economies around the world in mountaineering out of the recent economic catastrophe and building toward long-term enlargement.
Windows 7, Microsoft’s follow-on to Windows Vista (launched in 2006), will turn out to be commercially accessible in October 2009. IDC’s forecast for Windows 7 shipments shows a brisk uptake: 177 million units to be shipped by the end of 2010.
It was developed by first analyzing 13 service categories and using IDC research to determine the percentage of that activity devoted to software (e.g., what percentage of IT outsourcing is managing software applications and infrastructure, and what percentage is managing hardware.) This led to a ratio of software costs to services costs. For the purposes of allocating employment, internal IT departments were assumed to resemble external service organizations and headcount is allocated accordingly. The Allocation of channels activity to Software Development Company is the midpoint between the percentage of software costs to the total of software and hardware costs and the percentage of IT services that is software related.

As Gartner said, "Shipments will grow stronger in mature markets where consumers are buying into the Apple product ecosystem."
Windows7 Vista, following poor performance after the next version of Windows, Microsoft, and Windows 7 will be to know how it workings in much attention recently. Windows7 some of the best features that Vista has much improved, since most of its features have been made public seen, and then, when the final version of Windows7, the next step of Microsoft will focus point on the case?
We have clearly seen Vista need to at least 1.0 GHz Pentium III and 1.0 GB memory. Red can, Windows7 more than 50% of Vista hardware, now sold needs most computers also do much more that 50% of them produce more hardware requirements: 1.5 GHz and 1.5 GB of memory. Determine the status of the software development of equipment, according to figure out: only three years, under the age of the computer can allow Vista.
Further in the research, it is being calculate that during the entire span of the recent year alone, almost 630 million PCs running on Windows 7 will have been shipped; and by early next year almost 42 percent of PCs globally, will have Windows 7 on them. The latest platform by Microsoft has been gathering some ramble reviews prompting users to formulate the switch.
Additionally, the report moved on to attach that by the end of this year, as much as 94 percent of PCs being shipped will have Windows 7 running on them. Only 4.5 percent will run Apple (OS X) and less than a percent will run Linux. Gartner researchers believe that improved IT budgets in the U.S and the Asia-Pacific region specifically were encouraging the adoption of the Windows 7 software. Most probably maximum software outsourcing services Provided Company are using Window 7.

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Monday, 18 February 2013

A New Version Released of Google Chrome for Android Application

Now Google Android provide fast browsing  and fastest sign in to bring your personalized Chrome experience from your computer or to your phone and tablet. Finally Google has released a version of Chrome for Android. Opera , Safari and Mozilla Firefox who have long period of their presence in the application Market, Mozilla even prefers multiple channels of Firefox for Android, iPhone, Windows and other more devices. And providing multiple supportable ad dons for the user experience. So that still it is considered a better move than not taking it up at all.
Although Google claims that they will find their way to Chrome for desktops sooner or later. Google Chrome for desktop browsing application has been on a equiponderant development together varied features such as supported ad dons, extensions, apps, syncing of browser data, cloud printing, instant and the list runs extended. Although including all also providing these features have transformed to the mobile version.
Unlimited tabs can be open on chrome simply and smoothly operate on desktop application or mobile application. On your phone, flip through tabs the way you would fan a deck of cards. On your tablet, swipe from edge to edge to switch tabs. Google Chrome does operate the desktop application tab UI, the mobile version has an absolutely tab process that is more apt for mobile looking. On Chrome for Android managing system OS, one can go from one tab to another by using remaining or right.
Easy manageable features:
Auto sign-in

Chrome Android allows to users automatically sign in to Google sites or another sites, like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Pintrest and other many more for fast and seamless access.
Access from Computer to Mobile
User can send pages from their computer to Android phones or tablet with a single click and can read them on the go, even when they're offline.
Get smarter suggestions
It provide smarter suggestions for less time typing. Visit a site on your computer and Chrome will auto complete its address in the omnibox on your phone or tablet.
Sync bookmarks
What ever you can access on your desktop application the Google chrome, those all can be approach by sync bookmark function. You can bookmarks on all of your devices. Quickly go to your favorite sites, no matter where you are and bookmark that by easily touch the bookmark function.
View open tabs
On of the most important part of the surfing on the devices. If you need to open those tabs which you had accessed in the past day away from your computer. Access the tabs you have open on your computer on your phone or tablet and pick up where you left off.
Behind all this steps, Google Chrome "Android Application Developer" still has well managed multiprocessing architecture development methods so individualistic tab crashes doesn't bring down the browser. Developer also manage the supporting components as GPU acceleration for the canvas, instant search results. It is true that Chrome does not support flash but recently this problem has been solved by zaptech solutions group of Android Apps Development. The Android Developer the creating the apps using HTML5 Mobile apps technology instead of FLASH. Which supports the all Android mobile devices version, Tablet and OS.
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Thursday, 14 February 2013

PHP Application Development with NetBeans: Beginner's Guide

PHP Web Application Platform or PHP Language leads you through the crucial parts of PHP programming and shows you how to use the features of NetBeans that will improve your PHP development experience, through clear and easy instructions. I would like to tell those beginners regarding PHP programming book, who has just started their career in the PHP Website Development.
The book gets you started with the numerous Web Development environment and tools, and takes you through working on practical projects with a clear focus. With each chapter being mission-critical, the book is a perfect companion to boost your PHP coding productivity and gain experience with even complex projects.
The book starts with setting up the PHP development environment and introduces exciting and useful IDE features. You'll learn how to build real life PHP projects such as Facebook like Status Updater and even User Registration, Login & Logout application. Also the book will introduce you with some must known development tools such as debugging & testing tools, source documentary tools, and versioning tools.

Working with the NetBeans IDE for PHP Development has its own advantages, experience and this book reassures the purpose. This book is full of illustrations, screenshots, and clear instructions to take your PHP Developer to a new level and even shows you time-saving tricks and other productivity enhancements.
The book is aimed at PHP developers who wish to develop PHP applications while taking advantage of NetBeans functionality to ease their Software Development efforts and utilize the powerful features of the IDE. Familiarity with NetBeans is not assumed. However, a little familiarity with PHP development is expected.
NetBeans has many features that greatly simplify PHP development, and with its several features and great flexibility, PHP developers can become overwhelmed by the IDE's options. This book provides step-by-step instructions that show you how to take control of the environment and make use of these features to make your PHP application development more efficient and productive than ever before.
What you will learn from this book

  • Develop PHP applications by leveraging NetBeans functionality
  • Set up your PHP development environment on various platforms, keeping intact the best features of the IDE
  • Learn PHP development in a fun and easy way with impressive real life PHP applications
  • Develop your applications faster through smart planning
  • Debug and test your PHP projects with clear instructions and easy tips
  • Document your source codes with zero effort using NetBeans
  • Enhance the power of PHP development with version controlling tool, Git
Acquire sharp usage of NetBeans and apply in fast paced development environments through mission-critical chapters
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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Familiar Concept and Services From Magento Community Edition

To use Magento CE effectively, you should be familiar with the following terms and concepts. These guide lines and promotion surely will help you to get full features of Magento CE.
Attribute: An attribute of a digital products could be “resolution,” and the value of this attribute for a particular product as camera that would be “10 megapixels.” Customers can filter a list of products by values of one or more attributes.A collection of attributes can customize to fit a certain type of product features. For paradigm, if you want to sell diverse kinds of smart phones on your website, you can create the smart phones attribute set which will include the simple attributes commonly shared by all of your smart phones. This may include price, color, size, gender, and brand.
Bundle product: Bundle product is components that are presented in variant ways and are made from existing products. You can configure how much products or what kind of sell is included with this transaction in your store.
Category: This is a user-defined product classification. A category can have any number of levels of subcategories. You can create the lot of products categories and sub-categories accordingly your requirement.
Configurable product: Product enables variant choosing options to your customers to select the any size of product. Suppose that, you can sell shoes in multiple colors and multiple sizes. You would have to create six variants as individual products and then add these six to a configurable product where customers can choose the size and color, and then add it to their cart.

Downloadable Product: Downloadable products such as a media file, that customer downloads from the your online store after purchase. These downloadable files can transmigrate on your server or be provided as URLs to any other server.
Grouped product: This enables you to display several parallel products on a isolated page. If you are selling chefs’ knives and you have the same knife in four sizes, you can make a grouped product to display all four of these sizes. Customers can select the size(s) that they want and add them to the cart from this page.
Cross-sell: Cross-sell products will appear next to the shopping cart. When a customer navigates to the shopping cart page, these products are displayed as cross-sells to the items already in the shopping cart. They are parallel to impulse buys, like magazines and candy at the cash registers in grocery stores.
Credit memo: A credit memo is a statement of credits; suppose that a credit for returned merchandise generates a credit memo. According to your store policy, you can apply the credit to future orders or refund the customer’s payment method.
Invoice: An invoice in Magento CE describes a substantiation of payment. More than one invoice can be associated with a single order. If the products in an order are shipped in multiple shipments, then an invoice is generated for each shipment for the products in that shipment.
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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Interpret the advantages and disadvantages of SaaS

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has grown far beyond its early roots of popularity in a few selective services areas such as HR and CRM services, and is now gaining acceptance across a broad range of applications for Software Outsourcing business and IT user populations alike, including ERP software.
Here are given three reasons to switch to SaaS ;
  1. Many complex or customized IT solutions take a long time to implement and this can create difficulties in making the change over to the new system – with SaaS, there is no hardware or software installation, so the new system can be adopted with immediate effect.
  2. With most SaaS solutions, you pay on a monthly basis – no commitment in purchasing a complex new system for millions only to discover that there are unexpected short-comings or the system isn’t perfectly suited for your company.
  3. With the flexibility of SaaS solutions, it’s easy to do a trial with one team or department before deciding to use the solution across your entire company.
Many Software Development Companies today consider SaaS as a cost-advantage over on-premise in the short-run due to its quick implementation times and pay-as-you-go pricing. But many question the long-term value of SaaS, wondering if the rent-versus-own model necessarily has a cost crossover point and if so, when?
It is imperative to objectively evaluate the impact on a business when considering the adoption of SaaS including:
1. SaaS enables fast deployment, better user adoption, and reduced support needs and how will your company benefit from SaaS?
2. Subscriptions can provide reduced cost implementation, upgrades, and training costs but how will your company pay, both in hard costs and resources, for SaaS?
3. With SaaS, cost savings and adoption rates can be uncertain so how do uncertainties change the total impact of SaaS on your business?
4. Hire ROI and lower costs
5. Less Time to Recoup costs = Faster ROI
6. Lower maintenance, and fewer ongoing hardware and resource requirements. It’s also more affordable and easier to extend the solution to new projects and more users.
7. Quickly adapt to changing business needs.
SaaS Disadvantages:
  • SaaS isn't a silver bullet or magic - and will not provide the same benefits to all users. Some organizations find it very difficult to relinquish control or trust third parties to manage their applications and data
  • Some vertical markets require industry specific business applications for which SaaS solutions are not available
  • Organizations without clear objectives and defined business processes will be no better off with a SaaS solution than with an on-premise solution.
When looking at Saas offerings there are many components that make up the total cost of ownership. To start with a Software Company must look at maintenance, support, training, tenancy, security, integration and implementation resources and strategic fit to name a few.
Even though the vendor is hosting the software, companies still have to implement the tool, integrate it with other systems as well as migrate existing data into the new system. All of which may not be taken into consideration when purchasing the technology.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

What is mCommerce: Magento Mobile Commerce as an Apps

There are so many shopping carts out there, some is free to use and some is paid for use. Definitely it is very difficult to know which one suits to use for your website. That is people are asking for a web group which currently contemplates in eCommerce area truly amazing move from constant and confirmed eCommerce to relatively new Magento eCommerce.
Actually I want to disclose mCommerce Magento secrets and its features. Essentially, mCommerce, also known as M-Commerce or Mobile Commerce, is the ability to conduct commerce using a mobile devices and tablets, such as a smartphones, iPhone, Android, Tablets etc. Fact is that Mobile transactions will grow exponentially over the next 5 years, and Magento enables retailers and manufacturers to provide customers with a fully mobile, multi-channel experience.
The main concerns of mobile industry are the design of your e-commerce website on a mobile phone, and an app that allows your clients buy products or services from you. As need of comfort of mobile shopping carries on increasing, many companies are struggling to create their e-commerce sites easy to get around and to create applications that further accomplish this increasing pattern.
The growing demand for mobile commerce has started many new online businesses whose objective is to improve mCommerce for other online business improvement and Mobile commerce making it simpler than ever to apply this performance. You can get idea, the e-commerce development Magento offers services that include sensitive web design for mobile phone gadgets of your current website. It provide full incorporation of your organization's report, product inventory, stock, distribution and management for your company.
Features of mCommerce Apps:
Management of Your Customers Account:
mCommerce Apps update all customers account information automatically as when you customers do on your website. Your customers can login in with using their username and passwords like other social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc..).
Customers Order management:
mCommerce platforms is full integrated for customer using functionality. Your client can put the order by using mobile application as they did on your Magento website. This mCommerce apps will provide you best order management. Even If customers want to make changes or cancel their order, they can do it easily. Hence customers can handle their records using your website as well as using your mCommerce Apps.
Updates and Notification:
Everything what you got on you Magento website you can find all wish lists, gifts and notification dynamically from your m-commerce application. This will ensure that all the changes made on the Magento website will be reflected in the m-commerce application in real time.
Payment gateway integration with mCommerce:
It can be easily integrated with your payment gateways like Paypal, money bookers, Authorize.net, Smoove Pay etc. which can help you accept payments made through m-commerce application. If you have to pay for the shop so it is very easy and making payments through m-commerce application is secure like your website payment methods.

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Monday, 4 February 2013

What is going on in the app market with Android Jelly Bean

As a Android Apps Developer we deal with latest android application updates and technlogy. Currentaly mobile application development is on top of the mountain. Lots of mobile applications, widgets, technologies are released on DBU (Daily Basis Updtate).
Latest released Android 4.2 has got the velocity and simplicity of Jelly Bean on a different level – a completely new comprehensive camera experience that’s beyond smart Phones usability. Also will find there a new form of touch typing that helps you power through your messages and G Talk, Skype chat, and much more. New and interesting lock screen widgets brings to you an useful tool over control and security risk. For the music the include sound search function allows to users get list of songs quickly and accurately for same. But some specific apps widgets have real value for Twitter, Facebook, and other apps for most people.
Lockscreen allows to add widgets which you want to show latest texts, emails or reminders and other information. The swipe out function provide you great feeling to lock out the screen. Although camera give a dynamic influence to seize up the Photo experience with convenient your preferences. If you want to display lot of Photos in the frame, you can have it display those like an interactive picture frame, After all if you want to settling down for the night, you can turn it into a nice dark bedside clock. More options will surely be available in play Store.

And one of another points can be utilize in one device. Android Application Developer has developed function, whrere users can swich accounts in Android Devices. Android 4.2 allows multiple user accounts on your device, just like on your computer. Most of all like your kid will never stay away from his compatible android game.
Android 4.2 for Tablets
In the tablet demeanor observation Android 4.2 have the best multi exploit option for the subscriber. Android Jelly Bean is fully customized for the venture oriented or single user observation. The integrated functionality by our Exper Android Apps Developer endow multiple widget supports. You can create  varied accounts for each individual. Even veried account users can have their own homescreen, background, widgets, apps and games – even individual high scores and levels. Because Android 4.2 is built with multitasking at its core, it’s a snap to switch between users – no need to log in and out.
It's notification updates is very ingenious just swat down over the top of the devices to see the all your notifaction. Jelly Bean makes your Android device even more responsive by boosting your phones, tablets or PC's CPU instantly when you touch the screen.
When you are looking Android Development Company to build a android application, I like to have an idea to develop the latest Android Apps. Our Android Developer give the compatible android apps and UI observation what they expect.

Android Apps Development