Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Magento requires a very good hosting environment when building an e-commerce store

Magento is an open-source platform that makes website likely to create a fully functional e-commerce site. It is one of the most widespread platforms in the world today when building an e-commerce store. Magento is now considering as one of the best E-commerce platforms out there. Let us have an overview throughout the advantages and disadvantages of this exceptional E-commerce solution.
Open Source
One of the biggest advantages of using Magento is that it is an open source program. This means that the code is freely accessible to anyone. With an open source code such as this, it makes it probable for you to modify and change the platform to fit your requirements. This provides you with the choice of customization, which is not always accessible with other e-commerce platforms. The platform has a lot of flexibility, meaning that you have more options for your site.
Another advantage that comes with Magento is that it has a large community of developers, users, and providers. Since it is an open source project supported up by a huge community, it has gone through a number of upgrades over the years. The huge community also makes it probable to get help with your issues from the large number of sources in the community.
Comprehensive Program
One of the nice things about Magento is that it is a very complete platform. Magento is generally considering the most advanced and innovative e-commerce platform available in the ecommerce market. This means that if your business has some intricate needs that must be met. Magento is possibly the platform that will be able to do it.
Another wonderful feature of Magento is that, it can effortlessly be integrate into many other third-party resources by professional Magento Developer. For example, if you want to use Google Analytics, Google Checkout, or PayPal payment processing services, this is an easy way to do it.
Magento is a complex
Magento is a complex, intricate platform built on top of the Zend Framework. Moreover, it is big! It is programmed based on the MVC approach, and follows best web programming practices. For these reasons and others, Magento is a system that is not easy to work with.
It is one thing to be able to play around Magento – it is another to know the system well and be able to modify it and program on top of it. Good Magento developers are very rare, and it is even more unlikely that you will find a team that includes Dedicated Magento Programmer, and good Magento designers!
Magento requires a very good hosting environment and store management
Many people complain about Magento’ s speed performance – but that is only because they are not working with the proper hosting environment and setup. Magento will perform very poorly if the website will not be properly hosted and setup. For that Hire Magento Developer they will provider you best services.