Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Testing of new development tools which lead to lousy software

We can see that in the day over a major obstacle to the software development quality is the persistent need to constantly promote the development tools and adopt new technologies. The programming tools and coding technologies are very complicated.
Basically it takes years of using them before the programmer fully understands the best practices and knows how to avoid the traps that novice users of such products fall into. Because of the constant upgrade methods cycle in the software application development and IT industries, by the time passes there is finally widespread competency among a particular technology.
It doesn’t take long time but take a several months time to upgrade to the latest and greatest custom changes. Latest technologies are forcing everyone to throw out their hard-earned knowledge of the old products and work with new stuff that they don’t understand and it is the need of development process.
If we will not leave the old techniques of software application development so we get inevitable result of bad software. That’s why we have needed to understand the importance of new technology and adoption of it.
There’s an evil alliance between geeks who respect new technologies for the sake of their geekiness and who don’t really care if the end result is buggy software, and the providers of commercial products, such as Microsoft, who make no money unless they can obsolete the old products and force everyone to pay money to “upgrade” to new products.

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We want to congratulate those people who would stand up to the geeks and who are constantly trying to thrust this new stuff down our throats. If only people would say “no, we are not upgrading to Visual Studio 2008, Visual Studio 2005 works fine enough.” But the engineers in the trenches know that such courage would be suicidal to their career prospects.
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