Friday, 5 April 2013

Now India is taking remarkable place in offshore software development

India is such a country where software development activity has recently enjoyed a surge in interest and providing good outsourcing services worldwide.  Thanks in huge part to the support and dedication of the country's government.
In the past year government affirmed its commitment to the rapidly growing software industry, establishing goals of training 50,000 IT workers by 2005 and expanding software development technology parks and zones. The government also set a target of $500 million in software exports by 2005, exponentially higher than its contribution at the time.
Offshore Software Development in the IT world is the term most often used to describe the business of outsourcing software programming and engineering services to contractors or wholly-owned facilities located in foreign countries with lower labor costs.
Currently in India Zaptech solutions is the largest software outsourcing services provider of such as custom software application development, offshore software with the market estimated to be high volume. However, several countries in each region of the world have begun pursuing this promising business at the same time that India may be reaching the limits of what they can produce.

If we look out the human resource of India so currently it’s possessed tremendous human resources with almost 85% of the population younger than 35. This youthful energy is apparent in the eagerness of high-school and university students to learn computer science and enter the technology arena.
Moreover, the workforce has been underemployed and very easy to train, offering inexpensive, highly skilled labor pools in the field of IT. A joint report issued by Oracle and IBM stated that India could be trained twice as quickly as their counterparts in most other Asian countries.
With a dynamic offshore outsourcing skills and youthful software development team that can be well-read at low costs, India is on the edge to equip its technology sector with trained professional’s software engineers.
Together they have a team of Problem solvers, engineers, analysts, designers and dreamers but most importantly they have entrepreneurs like you and they know what it takes to build, maintain and manage a successful online identity.
Although the software development industry in India is growing quickly, a number of fundamental drawbacks remain. The largest is a lack of experienced project managers at all levels of the process from top management to junior project managers, resulting in very few India companies whose project management and quality control processes are certified according to international standards.
If we look conduct of language it is another concern, as many major offshore software development locates are primarily English speaking. However, many Indians do speak English fluently and there are even companies in India where English is the primary language as Bangalore and Goa. Other drawbacks that affect the Indian software and web design industry itself are high bandwidth costs and a lack of marketing capability in the U.S. and other target markets.

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