Thursday, 11 July 2013

The Roadmap to Bring PHP Up-to-Date with Top 3 Available Tools

Most PHP Developers are aware of the fact that is only extended PHP tools for website programming. They be able to know the perfect features and development support of the PHP tools on a daily basis. Because it is their profession to get aware all kinds of available tools for programming.
There is a bunch of platforms in the web development technology. But supporting tools and technology is not like old technology while changing the methods and languages of web programming flourished with constant updates and cutting edge technology. And these technologies are helping programmers to bring better roadmap for their client success and grow up the business opportunities.
Bellow is details of tools for PHP which double your programming experience with PHP and JSP so now you need to consider the feature of tools:
  • Windows Azure Platform Tools for PHP

You can do your development in any of the many languages supported on Windows Azure, such as .NET, Node.JS, Java, PHP, or Python. In addition, you’ll get the benefits of Windows Azure’s CDN (Content Delivery Network) for low-latency data access in diverse locations. The Windows Azure Command Line Tools for PHP are now available in the Microsoft Web Platform Installer (Web PI). Windows Azure support for open source software applications, frameworks, and tools. This venture provides a set of PHP client libraries that make it easily accessible Windows Azure platforms, blobs, queues (queues and topics), service run time and service management APIs.
  1. create and delete tables
  2. create, query, insert, update, merge, and delete entities
  3. create, list, and delete containers
  4. create block and page blobs (from a stream or a string)
  5. work with blob properties, metadata, leases, snapshot a blob
  6. create, list, and delete queues, and work with queue metadata and properties
  7. create, list, and delete topics, subscriptions and messages
  8. discover addresses and ports for the endpoints of other role instances in your service
  9. query and set the status of the current role
  10. storage accounts: create, update, delete, list, regenerate keys
  11. deployment: create, get, delete, swap, change configuration, update status, upgrade, rollback
  12. hosted services: create, update, delete, list, get properties
  • Visual Studio
PHP is one of the most popular web coding languages for creating website applications. PHP Visible Studio is a PHP IDE (integrated development environment) based on Visible Studio IDE. With PHP Visible Studio programmers do the design, development, debug and set up PHP programs within the Visible Studio IDE. PHP has the biggest pool of rich open source applications, frameworks and sources of easier development environment. PHP Visible Studio key features are around offering rich PHP editor with Smarty editing capabilities and also has the capability to debug PHP scripts locally as well as remotely.
  1. Full PHP 5.4 support
  2. Automatic updates & Easy installation
  3. Seamless integration respecting conventions
  4. PHP IntelliSense, code completion
  5. Function parameters assistant with PHPDoc support
  6. Browse namespaces, classses, functions, variables and constants in your solution
  7. Navigate directly to symbol definitions
  8. PHP/Javascript debugging
  • Kendo UI
Kendo UI is a comprehensive framework for building JavaScript and HTML5 websites and mobile apps.  Traditionally, before the current release it supported ASP.NET MVC wrappers but the current features brings the lot for PHP and JSP server wrappers. With Kendo UI, PHP and JSP developers can form modern HTML5 apps without hand-coding JavaScript.
  1. Kendo UI added Windows Phone 8 support
  2. Server-side wrappers for ASP.NET, PHP and JSP
  3. Single Page Applications (SPAs) architecture
  4. Broad HTML5 support
  5. Kendo UI developers can deliver hybrid mobile applications across iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry.
  6. ColorPicker Widget: A cross-browser color picker with palette and spectrum modes, as well as HEX, RGBa and HSLa color model support.
  7. Tooltip Widget: Tooltip widget with support for rich content
  8. Multi-Select Widget: A Facebook-style multi-select widget that allows users to select multiple values in an expanding text box.
  9. DataBars: A bar chart variant that enables the visualization of trends in a series of related data.
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