Thursday, 1 November 2012

Growing software business environment from India

For new companies and start-ups in software business from India share certain interesting features. Technological competency brewed with incompetence’s in entrepreneurship and unsupported by an environment of competitive or market-creating networks, are the distinguishing features of new activities in Software Development business.

We come across several new firms in software outsourcing who have been doing modest business and who have good technological ideas, but who appear to sadly lack a good business idea. We argue that a principal function of incubation in India ought to address this deficiency.

This information has been taken on a recently concluded study on competencies of software development companies in India. Long interviews with the entrepreneurs, brain-storming workshop and questionnaire-based surveys were undertaken to elicit the pattern. These published sources of information such as Annual Reports too were consulted.

A comparative study on importance’s given to some competencies would indicate that there are large and wide variations across these new or start-up firms. Competencies of product and projects, considered often complementary, experience wide fluctuations. It appears, entrepreneurs and managers are somewhat unsure of the steps to be taken.

To start the software outsourcing business must be needed business requirements as;
  1. Security Requirements
  2. Performance Requirements
  3. Business Availability Requirements
  4. User Requirements

Systems Requirements and Processing Rules: This section describes the needs of this new system and the impact it will have on the technical infrastructure of ATC. The following infrastructure needs are addressed:
  1. System environment
  2. Network
  3. Software Backup and recovery
  4. Storage capacity
  5. Telecommunications bandwidth

System Environment Needs

This new system needs a specific hardware and software environment. The following environment is required to support this system: This will assist to establish the preliminary architecture based on general questions about the customer needs.

Network has specific needs in terms of network connections bandwidth, and general network environment. Backup and recovery services are provided by the Data Center staff. This section describes the backup needs for this system.

In almost all the cases, firms began on resources pooled together, later only to be supplemented by regular cash flows from the Software Projects, or else as in only a few cases, by venture/institutional working capital support.

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