Monday, 26 November 2012

Magento community edition best open-source ecommerce platform

Magento Community Edition is a feature-rich eCommerce base, developed on open-source technology that provides online show owners or retailers with unrivaled flexibility, product catalog and management over the look, content, as well as of their eCommerce store.
Magento Community Edition’s user-friendly management customer interface features impressive marketing tools, Google search engine friendly SEO, and selection management sources to give providers the power to make sites that are developed to their unique business needs. Meant to be completely scalable, Magento CE provides companies a continuous, Secured Payment Configurations and Gateways, Product Configurations, Flexible Couponing and Promotions, Customer Accounts Management and customized eCommerce solution.
Magento CE License
Magento CE is approved under the Open Source Application Certificate (OSL) v3.0. More details about Magento’s permits can be discovered at http://www.magentocommerce.com/license/
Developing and maintaining a customer details resource is a complex process but with Magento CE all of your customer's details is stored in a secured, easily accessable details resource. From simple details like their place and present e-mail scope with to impressive details such as purchased products, what they involved to their wishlist, and even what products they have examined out.
You can then response to this details by following up with unique marketing for your customers. Magento CE has contain two parts of the project Backend. Further is expained..
Magento CE Frontend and Backend