Tuesday, 31 July 2012

iPhone 5: 2012 Earlier entrance with 4G LTE support

Early in this past week, we published an article suggestive of that in addition to production issues; Apple may have delayed the release of the iPhone 5 in order to entrance time to build more features to the smartphone, given that the iPhone 4 is still selling very well.
A slide-show titled "10 Reasons Why Apple Should Delay the iPhone 5 until 2012" from Don Reisinger on week shares our sentiments.
As to the release date, hundreds of articles, quoting various sources, including "people familiar with the plans," or "sources inside Apple", or "a supplier who refuses to be identified," have been saying that Apple will start selling the iPhone 5 in September or October (depending which source you believe).
A report this week from 9to5mac.com, quoting sources inside Apple, says that the Cupertino, Calif.-based company has been deciding between an Oct. 7 or Oct. 14 launch date but since pre-mass-production line is moving along nicely, Apple is leaning towards the earlier launch date of Oct. 7.
Latest iPhone 5 rumors point to 4G LTE support
New evidence recommends that Apple's iPhone 5 could have 4G LTE support, and land in stores as early as October 7. And iPhone Application Development Company is putting the forecast challenge that the next iPhone is so close, we can almost smell it.
Apple’s much-anticipated fifth-generation handset is leaving a trail in the form of two new rumors that give us a fragment more lucidity about what we should expect in upcoming iPhone products.
In short, there are plenty of reasons to believe that Apple and other iPhone application developer companies are testing the 4G waters — of course they are — but nothing concrete to show that the next iPhone will have that capability. We are still skeptical that Apple will place too much weight on a wireless infrastructure that is still very much under development, but anything’s possible.
The iPhone 5 has spent the past few months not being able to get a date. A release date, that is. But that’s changed now that we’re entering that stretch of the calendar year in which the gig is up by default: Apple doesn’t introduce new products any later than September and doesn’t put them on sale any later than October, meaning you’ll get yours ASAP.
In fact the odds are good that you’ll need to wait until the iPhone 6 before Apple finds its way onto either of the nation’s second-tier major carriers, each for a different practical reason.
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