Monday, 2 July 2012

Research and execution of framework in Joomla! Content component

If we recognize in the past 16 years experience that both of technical and non- technical, Docbook markup language has become so popular for documentation. In the latest fifth version of docbook supporting framework in Joomla! Would be a breakthrough for Joomla! Joomla is the CMS to attain the top position as a Joomla CMS.
Currently, Joomla works upon CMS lacks easy content import/export handling feature. Docbook exactly fills up this void. Docbook format, being based on XML, allows easy reading both by humans and machine. Lastly, Docbook documents can be exported into standard compliant XHTML and high-quality PDF which users of Joomla! It is definitely waiting for.
First step would be to create a framework to handle easy export/import of Docbook format content in Joomla! core. Usage of this framework can be illustrated by using the framework through Joomla! content component. Managing of content comes with a need to enable editing of Docbook content in a user-friendly way (WYSIWYG way).
Thus, plugin for XML WYSIWYG editor are required. Bitflux editor [http://bitfluxeditor.org/] comes out as a best choice. In later phase, collaborative content editing and content versioning can be built upon the framework.
Project Objectives
1.       To provide easy way of content management
2.       Enabling users to use Joomla! to handle content across various softwares and platforms
3.       To empower community in direction of the project to certain extent
4.       Application of “the concept of the cafĂ©” by Peter Small
5.       [http://www.stigmergicsystems.com/stig_v1/books/page14.html?345729]
6.       To use MVC in Joomla development of the framework
7.       Sharing learning experience with the community
8.       To design the system to be flexible
9.       Allowing 3rd party extensions to utilize the framework
Although I have done initial research on Docbook, I believe further research is necessary for optimal implementation of Docbook framework. Learning from previous implementations would enable me to come up with better usage of Docbook’s newer features. “DocBook: The Definitive Guide” by O’Reilly as it is the pioneer of Docbook.
Development of framework
There is a need to come up with Joomla! Specific xml tag definitions for proper management of content during import/export process. Import/export handler might require 3rd party extensions to have definition through one XML document each. Editing handler and layout handler might be implemented within the framework.
This would serve as an example for other 3rd party developer to refer to. Also with me going through initial implementation, I would be able to understand the process and extend the framework as necessary before the final release to the Joomla developer community.

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