Thursday, 5 July 2012

Zaptech Solutions announce the latest updates in web development services

Zaptech Solutions a leading provider of managed and dedicated software development services, virtual private servers, web designing and programming with using different Joomla, Magento, Drupal and work press. It has been named the second Best Dedicated Software Company by the Name of Zaptech Solutions.
Zaptech solutions are now recognized as a leader in the best web development services in India, with its cutting-edge technologies and dedicated services.
With this dedicated outsourcing Company award under its belt, Zaptech Solutions is now devoted to supplementary enhancing its product innovativeness, as well as service and product quality. The company has also taken on the challenge of outdoing its own performances and benchmarks, while outperforming its competitors to achieve the top spot (the award is a global recognition for companies that are innovators and market leaders in the web hosting industry).
Company’s Marketing administrator, describes Zaptech journey thus far saying:
“We are extremely pleased to be known as the Top Devoted Software Development Company by Coordinator Evaluation, including to our big list of web services. When we started promoting web development back in 2007, it was our objective to give our clients scalable development and designing services at the best possible prices. I think it is safe to say we have provided.”
As A Outsourcing Company that provides a lot of different services I felt I needed a website that showcased this: Software Development, Web Design, Web Development, Flash Website Design, Magento Development, Volusoin Development, Web Application Development, Flex Application Development, Flex Development, Silverlight Application Development, iPhone Apps Development, BlackBerry Software Development, Php Development, Joomla Web Design, Drupal Development, ASP.Net Development, Multimedia Design .
We are to help you get the solutions of your web site concerning points. Here are given paragraphs and articles provide you a better results and consults about your concerns. Our software engineers build products with the all phase of well designed, manageable software development solutions including software testing, design, coding and training supports to a full digest information-packed web site.
With Pioneering safeguarding Systems, we one of the leading Software Development Company which offers solutions for software development, software outsourcing, and software testing in need of software maintenance. We have team expert software engineers, business analyst, web designers to make dream concept for you.
Changes and Modification in the working style:

We guarantee you to share and develop as breathe imagination, innovation, information, news to your website across the multiple news and articles.
We've introduced a new set of algorithms for price-layered navigation that provides much greater flexibility. Now you can display a range of prices that is based on having a similar number of products within each range, giving you better control of your customers' search results, and helping your customers find what they're looking for faster.

REST APIs Support

We have improved new Magento REST API uses three-legged OAuth 1.0a protocol to allow applications to safely access Magento customization services. You can handle customers, customer addresses, sales orders, inventories and products using HTTP verbs (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE). Data requests and responses can be in XML or JSON format. This initial version of the REST API supports the following functions:
·         Create/Retrieve/Update/Delete a simple product
·         Retrieve a list of orders and specific order information
·         Update/Retrieve catalog inventory
·         Create/Retrieve/Update/Delete complete customer information
Through its environment of developers, associates and resources, suppliers now have a anchorman of access to the end-to-end industry technology they need to interact with linked customers, and range and develop their companies.
About Zaptech Solutions:
We are a leading web development company & rating website, based on their true experience and the reviews received from real customers, designed to help people find the best web designing and development services deal, saving time and money.

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